Pridelands Wildlife Film Fest is looking for inspired, driven, talented and dedicated volunteers to assist in the planning, promotion, production and support of guests during the festival.

Have a look at the various areas you can plug in as a volunteer and follow the link below to make your application!


There is nothing like African hospitality, and it’s one thing PWFF intends to share with its delegates. Volunteers in this docket will handle the meet and greets, direct and answer any questions raised by attendees while representing PWFF in the highest standards possible.


This is the team that ensures that all the festival wheels and cogs are well oiled and running seamlessly. These are the event organisers who assist the Festival Planner, managers and logistics teams with the day-to-day planning and execution of festival workshops, parties and special events. They will work with venue staff and vendors.


If you love Q & A’s then film moderation is for you. You will be required to keep the conversations flowing following the film screenings, fielding questions from the audience and deep-diving conversations with film writers, actors, producers and directors. Demonstrable experience is required for this position.


To raise the profile of the Festival, this team will engage in grassroots and virtual marketing through social media, design work and other projects to draw more interest to the festival.


This is a dedicated team of photographers and videographers documenting every single aspect of the event. From the red carpets, fireside chats, dinners, panel discussions and workshops. They will need to have demonstrable experience in producing high-quality photo and video products.


The tech team will coordinate everything audio and technology at the festival from live streaming, projection equipment used in film screenings or panel discussions, to set up microphones and audio-visual aides under the keen supervision and guidance of the festival planner or designated supervisor.

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We bring together indigenous filmmakers, world-renowned wildlife researchers, conservationists and veteran wildlife filmmakers.
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Volunteer application form

Festival Availability

The festival kicks off at 8 am on Sunday 20th February and runs to Wednesday 23rd February at 6 pm. You will be required to travel a day or two earlier to the Maasai Mara. Transport will be provided to the venue and back on officially communicated dates. Travel outside of those dates will not be covered by the festival.

Volunteer Terms and Conditions

1. I agree to avail myself for my rostered shifts on time and advise the Pridelands Wildlife Film Fest staff well in advance if my availability for rostered shifts changes.

2. I agree to work under the guidance and supervision of Pridelands Wildlife Film Fest staff.

3. I agree to avail myself of my first rostered shift 10 minutes before the scheduled staff to be informed of particulars of the role and venue.

4. I will not avail myself of a rostered shift under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

5. I agree to advise Pridelands Wildlife Film Fest staff if I am unable or uncomfortable to complete tasks assigned. Who in turn will be understanding of these requests as long as adequate notice is provided.

6. I agree to inform my supervisor immediately of any injuries sustained while undertaking volunteering activities.

7. As a member of the Pridelands Wildlife Film Fest staff, I will do my best to provide correct information and have a positive attitude to all festival attendees throughout the festival.

8. I agree to work constructively and cooperatively with Pridelands Wildlife Film Fest staff and comply with any safety procedures as requested.

NOTE: Only successful candidates will be contacted.

Please also note that all personal information on the application form is highly confidential and will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected and will not be disclosed to any other parties.